Vaucluse Hotel Richmond Review

vaucluse hotel richmond

My friends and I had planned to go to go to Meatmother in Richmond and we had an 8pm booking. We figured we should all meet somewhere nearby. I got to Richmond around 7 (our original planned time) and walked from the station to Meatmother looking at the bars along the way to kill time. I also looked at a video rental store. The closest bar was Vaucluse Hotel. It was about a 1 minute walk away from Meatmother.

I waited inside and got myself a pint of cider, it was $10. The bartender lady was really friendly. I felt really awkward turning up to a bar alone. I considered stopping by at some of the others I saw on the way but they didn’t really look like the type of places I’d feel comfortable drinking alone at.

vaucluse hotel richmond outsdie

Here’s my view of outside. The place has a nice outdoor area out the front which would have been nice to sit at, it also would have been a nice place for me to sit and wait for my friends but I couldn’t be bothered moving. Also, if you look carefully at the seats in this picture you can see a ghost sitting there.

vaucluse hotel richmond inside

When my friends got here we moved to the stools in this photo. We were all having a good laugh and forgot to take any more photos. In the background here you can see the bar. The place is very spacious. It has many TVs up on the screen with sports playing. There is bottleshop and pokies section but I did not go into these. I think this area was the bistro part, I saw a few people eating pub meals in here.

When my friends arrived they said “of course you chose the most Western Suburbs bar you could find” as most of them have since moved away from Werribee and think they’re better than everyone, but whatever, this place was a sufficient place for us to spend half an hour or so. I’d do it again if I ever need to kill some time whilst my useless friends are all running late.