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Gelato Messina Fitzroy Review

After a big dinner with friends at Meat Mother in Richmond, we came to Gelato Messina in Fitzroy (this was before the Richmond Gelato Messina opened). I had never been here before so I had no idea what to expect. Well, I guess I assumed it would be your average quiet gelato and ice cream place in Fitzroy.

gelato messina fitzroy

When we got there I thought this was a bar or a nightclub but it was an ice-cream place. It was completely full of people lining up for ice-cream and gelati. Cones, cups, 1 litre tubs- a huge range of interesting flavours in large quantities.

gelato messina ice cream hands

After quite a while waiting in line (line was pretty crazy) we all got our icecream and it was great. I ordered a special off the menu called “That Old Kentucky Pie” which was bourbon & vanilla gelato smashed with whiskey & chock pie. I thought it was some kind of sundae, but it was all compressed into one $4 scoop. I was expecting more but since my friends ordered triple scoops there was more than enough scraps to go around.

Mine was amazing. It had big chunks of something in it and it was great. My friend (on the right in the picture) got 3 scoops with caramelised vanilla, some kind of chocolate and blood orange gelato. The carmaelised vanilla was amazing. It had even bigger chunks in it. It reminded me of cookie-dough ice-cream. The chocolate was good too, way better than the normal kind you get at the supermarket. The blood orange might have been ok on its own but it didn’t go with the others so it seemed a bit gross.

gelato messina ice cream

Wow look how much fun we’re having!

Gelato Messina is great. If you’re ever in the area it’s a great place to stop by on your way home. It also seems like a great place for a Tinder date. I asked my friend (who is active on there) to see if he found any girls there, but I don’t know how he went. It seems like it would be Tinder-central though.

Address: 237 Smith St, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Phone:(03) 9417 0488