Pizza Hut’s Hotdog Stuffed Crust Pizza Review

It seems that Pizza Hut releases a new type of special crust pizza almost as often as I update this website and I’ve probably had Pizza Hut more times this year than I have in the past 10 years combined.

After the “OK” Doritos Crust pizza, the kind of bad Meat Pie crust pizza and the surprisingly good Vegemite pizza, I think Pizza Hut has finally hit a home run with their special promotional crust pizzas.

There are two versions of the Hotdog Stuffed Crust pizzas. The Chillidog and the Cheeseydog. I got 1 of each. The Cheeseydog was definitely the better one.

I’ll miss these when they’re gone!

pizza hut hot dog crust pizza 2 pizza hut hotdog crust sign pizza hut hotdog crust pizza pizza hut hotdog crust close up

Red Rooster’s Pulled Lamb and Slaw Roll Review

I eat a lot of fast food. I don’t really blog about it because it’s usually a pretty consistent experience and big brands don’t need the exposure (not that anyone reads my site anyway) but on the weekend I was returning from Box Hill to Narre Warren and stopped at a Red Rooster in Notting Hill because we needed food.

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Arbory Bar and Eatery Review Melboune

Anecdotal back-story (skip this if you hate my anecdotes)

One of my friends wanted to interview me for an assignment, but we live super far away from each other (Werribee and Thomastown if you’re super nosy). So we had to meet up in the city after work. We didn’t know where to go (needed to be able to sit down and also eat as it was dinner time) so I messaged a friend of mine who I consider the best food snob I know (he was a former Master Chef contestant, and though I don’t like reality TV, he obviously knows way more about food than me) and asked where is good to eat near Flinders Street Station. He suggested Abory Bar and Eatery and I had never heard of it before.

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Burger Edge Bay Street Brighton Review

This is my first neutral review on here. A guy at work noticed a Groupon deal (or similar) for Burger Edge, where you could pay up front for X burgers later. I thought I probably shouldn’t do anything that will result in me having to go a specific burger place regularly (I already get 50% off at Hungry Jack’s for the rest of the year) so I decided against it and I’m pretty glad I did. Continue reading Burger Edge Bay Street Brighton Review

Rupert and the Fig Review Brighton

Every Friday I go out to lunch around Brighton with people from work. This time my boss’s wife came with us, and we needed to find a place that offered gluten-free options to cater for her dietary needs.

Rupert and the Fig was the first place we found that offered gluten-free options on their menu. Some of the guys from work have been there before- they mentioned that they make good burgers and really good coffee. In particular, one guy’s wife gets her coffee every morning from Rupert and the Fig before she catches the train. Continue reading Rupert and the Fig Review Brighton