Vaucluse Hotel Richmond Review

vaucluse hotel richmond

My friends and I had planned to go to go to Meatmother in Richmond and we had an 8pm booking. We figured we should all meet somewhere nearby. I got to Richmond around 7 (our original planned time) and walked from the station to Meatmother looking at the bars along the way to kill time. I also looked at a video rental store. The closest bar was Vaucluse Hotel. It was about a 1 minute walk away from Meatmother. Continue reading Vaucluse Hotel Richmond Review

Arbory Bar and Eatery Review Melboune

Anecdotal back-story (skip this if you hate my anecdotes)

One of my friends wanted to interview me for an assignment, but we live super far away from each other (Werribee and Thomastown if you’re super nosy). So we had to meet up in the city after work. We didn’t know where to go (needed to be able to sit down and also eat as it was dinner time) so I messaged a friend of mine who I consider the best food snob I know (he was a former Master Chef contestant, and though I don’t like reality TV, he obviously knows way more about food than me) and asked where is good to eat near Flinders Street Station. He suggested Abory Bar and Eatery and I had never heard of it before.

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