cadbury vegemite chocolate close up

Cadbury Vegemite Chocolate Review

When I first saw Cadbury’s Vegemite chocolate on Facebook, it was a few days before it was publicly announced. A store near my house had put it on shelves super early. I was so sure my friend who posted the photo had unwittingly reposted an old April Fool’s photo or something. Now it’s the most talked about confectionery on social media.

I’ve seen so many people posting photos on Facebook, it’s crazy. It causes so much discussion, mostly stuff like “I love chocolate… I love Vegemite… but these two things should never mix” and I must say it’s not something I’d really picture going together- but I think it’s a great idea.

Great marketing idea anyway. They’ve created the most talked about chocolate in years. Is it good? Who cares! People will buy it just to say they’ve tried it. Just so they can join in on the discussion. Just to experience it. The opinion on it is pretty varied so people really need to try it for themselves.

cadbury vegemite chocolate with keithI had to take a photo with it in case someone looks at this post in the future and doesn’t believe this actually happened.

Cadbury Vegemite Chocolate Ingredients

To be honest, I never look at ingredients on things and I don’t know what’s good for you and what isn’t, but it’s interesting to note that it’s only 5% Vegemite.

Dairy Milk milk chocolate with smooth flowing caramel and vegemite.
Contains: Milk choclate (70%), Caramel (25%), Vegemite (5%).
Ingredients: Full cream milk, sugar, wheat glucose syrup, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, invert sugar, yeast extract (from yeast grown on barley and wheat), milk solids, sweetened condensed milk, vegetable fat, salt, emulsifiers (soy lecithin, 476), malt extract (from barley), colour (150(c)), flavours.
Milk chocolate contains cocoa solids 26%, milk solids minimum 24%.
Allergen statement: Contains milk, wheat, barley and soy.
May contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.

cadbury vegemite chocolate squished

Is Cadbury Vegemite Chocolate good?

It’s actually not bad. You go in thinking it’s going to be gross and you go in with that mindset, you will find it gross. It’s psychological. It just tastes like a salted caramel chocolate to me. The liquid inside seems a bit more watery than other Cadbury chocolate, but I don’t have anything for comparison right now to be sure. I’m not a huge fan of caramel, especially saltier ones, but I’m sure I could eat this whole block at once if I wanted.

Psychological Experiment

When I bought this (Coles Werribee) I ran into a girl I know who was working there. She told me about how she tricked someone into eating it. This gave me the idea to trick my family. I had heard it tasted like salted caramel and by coincidence I was already holding Salted Caramel limited edition Cadbury chocolate. There was two for $7 special so I grabbed it as well because I like trying different special edition flavours.

cadbury vegemite and salted caramel

When I got home I tried them both and though their texture was totally different they were both distinctly caramel flavour with some degree of saltiness. The real Salted Caramel chocolate had flakes of hard caramel pieces in it. It was similar to a Crunchie or something.

I switched the packaging and brought the Vegemite chocolate into the Salted Caramel packaging and asked my mum and sister to try it and they said it was good. They also said they were surprised I didn’t get the Vegemite one instead. I also gave it to my dad separately.

A while later I came back and gave them the real Salted Caramel chocolate in the Vegemite pack and they could tell it was distinctly not Vegemite and figured out my ruse. When they asked to try the Vegemite one again they could definitely taste it now that they were expecting it.

This makes me want to draw the semi-scientific conclusion (on a very small sample) that Vegemite chocolate isn’t as gross as some people say it is. It just depends on the mindset you approach it with.

Would I buy Vegemite Chocolate Again?

To be honest, I’m trying not to buy chocolate at the moment. I’d definitely eat it again. I just don’t don’t want to buy it because I know I’d just eat it all. If I had to choose a pack of Cadbury chocolate to buy right now though, I’d consider getting it again.