burger edge brighton exterior

Burger Edge Bay Street Brighton Review

This is my first neutral review on here. A guy at work noticed a Groupon deal (or similar) for Burger Edge, where you could pay up front for X burgers later. I thought I probably shouldn’t do anything that will result in me having to go a specific burger place regularly (I already get 50% off at Hungry Jack’s for the rest of the year) so I decided against it and I’m pretty glad I did.

Anyway, I wanted to to go somewhere in Brighton that I hadn’t reviewed yet and my colleague had been talking about Burger Edge lately so we ended up there. My boss was kind of against going there and wanted to go to Subway instead, but the line was massive so we all got Burger Edge in the end.

burger edge brighton inside

When we got there, we noticed it had been renovated and looked better than it used to. I used to go here occasionally with another guy who left the company about 8 months ago and I never went back since. It turns out that new owners took over 6 months ago and jazzed it up- we never noticed.

When we ordered, there was some confusion over what buns were available (they were out of wholemeal) and there was no big menu signage, so we had to all gather around the little menu on the counter. The formatting of the menu wasn’t very clear, with pricing for some burgers referring to a smaller version / regular version. The guy that ordered first thought it was the burger / meal prices so he was a little disappointed when his meal cost more than he expected.

burger edge brighton meat lovers burger

I ordered the Meat Lover burger. Here’s the description from their site:

To call this a mouth-watering burger is an understatement. We take a flame grilled beef patty, melted tasty cheese, add two peices of bacon, 3 peices of hot salami, ham and grilled onion, topped with BBQ sauce and aloili. For contrast, we add baby cos lettuce.

In theory, this sounds awesome. You don’t see salami on a burger too much. I like it when burgers have the cheese melted onto it. But I felt that the beef patty reminded me of ones we’ve cooked at home from the supermarket. The frozen / cold ones that are premade and come in a 4 or 6 pack at Coles or Woolworths.

The roll itself also reminded me of the bread rolls you get at Coles / Woolworths and was really dense and I really don’t enjoy those types of rolls.

burger edge brighton onion rings

The onion rings were pretty good. They were $4.95 which seemed a bit steep. I’m a big fan of onion rings. I liked these because they had decent sized chunks of onion in them. much bigger than the ones at Hungry Jack’s etc.