Pizza Hut’s Hotdog Stuffed Crust Pizza Review

It seems that Pizza Hut releases a new type of special crust pizza almost as often as I update this website and I’ve probably had Pizza Hut more times this year than I have in the past 10 years combined.

After the “OK” Doritos Crust pizza, the kind of bad Meat Pie crust pizza and the surprisingly good Vegemite pizza, I think Pizza Hut has finally hit a home run with their special promotional crust pizzas.

There are two versions of the Hotdog Stuffed Crust pizzas. The Chillidog and the Cheeseydog. I got 1 of each. The Cheeseydog was definitely the better one.

I’ll miss these when they’re gone!

pizza hut hot dog crust pizza 2 pizza hut hotdog crust sign pizza hut hotdog crust pizza pizza hut hotdog crust close up

Pizza Hut’s Four N Twenty Meat Pie Pizza

I’ve seen a lot of co-branded marketing campaigns in Australia throughout 2014 – 2015.

Pizza Hut has been on the forefront with this, having had Doritos Crust pizza and also Vegemite pizza. Vegemite chocolate by Cadbury and KFC Zinger chips also happened, and probably many others.

pizza hut four n twenty box

I’d have to say that this one was my least favourite. All my life I’ve disliked the crust of pizza. I’ve always thought of it as the flavourless disposable handle that I would use as a utensil rather than part of the food. Growing up, I now eat my crusts more often but my thought process is often “why fill up on the part that tastes like nothing when there’s another slice in the box?”

I think Pizza Hut has been doing a great job of keeping the crust interesting, with all their promotional editions, as well as their constant cheesy stuffed crust option. I think their interesting crusts are one of the few differentiators that gives this company any kind of edge here, as I’m positive this company is a shadow of its former self.

What is the Four N Twenty Crust pizza like?

pizza hut four n twenty in hand

Basically 1/3 of the pizza is now crust. Rather than making the crust more enjoyable they added more to it. The pizza now has less topping because of this monster crust. This is not an advancement in pizza crust technology.

There are now little tiny pies that are sitting in this curvy folded pastry trays. These pies are much smaller than regular party pies. These are tiny little things with a sprinkle of minced meat in them.

pizza hut four n twenty pie opened

Whilst these tiny Four N Twenty pies are not terrible, the meat content is so little that I don’t think it is really worthwhile at all. The extra pastry from the pie-holding-compartments in the crust and the pie itself is just too much.

pizza hut four n twenty sauce

Here’s one of the pies that I’ve removed and compared to the sauce that came with it. These are really quite tiny.

What topping is that?

pizza hut four n twenty receipt

The pizza I ordered is my usual loaded pepperoni, with 2x garlic, 2x chilli flakes and some oregano (these are all free to add). I have to say this topping is great. I know a lot of people don’t like Pizza Hut and say their toppings are bad quality, and whilst I think some of their meat seems super processed and ambiguous, the safest bet is always a pepperoni pizza. Their loaded pepperoni is double cheese and double pepperoni, so it’s a bit more interesting than a regular pepperoni.


Whilst this crust is a little disappointing, I think it’s still worth trying for the novelty of it. It seems like something that will never happen again, so get it whilst you can. But I’m pretty sure once will be more than enough and that you’re probably gonna complain about it online, but at least you’ll know for sure instead of wondering.

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Arbory Bar and Eatery Review Melboune

Anecdotal back-story (skip this if you hate my anecdotes)

One of my friends wanted to interview me for an assignment, but we live super far away from each other (Werribee and Thomastown if you’re super nosy). So we had to meet up in the city after work. We didn’t know where to go (needed to be able to sit down and also eat as it was dinner time) so I messaged a friend of mine who I consider the best food snob I know (he was a former Master Chef contestant, and though I don’t like reality TV, he obviously knows way more about food than me) and asked where is good to eat near Flinders Street Station. He suggested Abory Bar and Eatery and I had never heard of it before.

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Cadbury Salted Caramel Chocolate Review

I feel like this particular limited edition chocolate is really overshadowed by Cadbury’s Vegemite chocolate.

vegemite and salted caramel cadbury

Both have a salty taste, but the texture is completely different. The Salted Caramel is a solid block with flakes of a caramel in it. It tastes exactly as you’d expect, whilst the Vegemite one has a gooey centre (and also tastes a lot like salted caramel).

The Cadbury Salted Caramel chocolate is a Coles exclusive.

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